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Organise Your New Year’s Resolutions 2021: Push And Pull Goals

So you’ve written your 2021 goals – FAB! That’s step one complete. But now ask yourself, how do these goals make me feel? Do they make me feel excited or …meh? Do I feel confident that I will achieve them all or am I unsure? Well, categorising your goals into which are ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ will help you identify where you are going right or where you are going wrong. But first, what are Push and Pull goals?


Push Goals

A Push Goal is a goal that you have to ‘push’ yourself to complete. It’s something you may or may not want to do that requires a lot of willpower and hard work to achieve. It might be something that puts you under a lot of pressure or perhaps it has a deadline.

A few examples:

  • Finishing your university dissertation
  • Renovating an entire house
  • Filing your self-assessment


Pull Goals

A Pull Goal is a goal that you feel naturally ‘pulled’ towards. It’s something you feel passionate about and it feels enjoyable and effortless to do.

A few examples:

  • Planning a backpacking trip across India
  • Saving money for a mortgage deposit
  • Go for a walk everyday

Take a few minutes to look over your 2021 goals and categorise them into Push and Pull Goals. A good way to do this is by asking yourself, ‘Do I really want to do this’ or ‘Do I believe I should do this?’ Now look at how many of your goals are Push or Pull.

Is there a reason you are inclined to act out of necessity or out of your own self-driven ambition?

Can you turn a Push Goal into a Pull Goal?

I hope this got you thinking differently about your goals

Good luck!


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