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Week 6 – 5 Ways To Stop Impulse Buying Forever

Calculate the value in working hours

The next time you want to buy something, divide the price of the item by your hourly wage. The number represents how many hours you would have to work to pay for the item. This exercise gives not only a monetary value but also an expended energy value #Monergy.

Unsubscribe from online retail emails

If you’re on an online retailer’s email list then you’ll be no stranger to hearing about their newest sale and offer. This constant temptation to spend is difficult to ignore so it is advisable to unsubscribe.

Monitor your spending urges

We are creatures of habit so it’s useful to monitor spending urges to identify if there are any patterns. If you notice that you’re spending more money on the weekend or at night time then you can begin introducing interventions e.g. creating a weekend budget or turning off electronics before bed.

Plan your purchases

It’s useful to create a list before you go shopping. If you can make it a habit to only purchase what is on your list, you’ll prevent any impulse buys. Creating a list of things you need to buy, either to replace your existing belongings or to plan ahead for Christmas and birthday gifts, will keep you organised and eliminate overspending.

Take a deep breath

Before you click ‘Pay Now’ take a second to think about why you want to spend money. When you’re tempted to buy something, go for a walk, drink some water and take some deep breaths. Sometimes we spend money because we’re stressed, anxious or sometimes we’re just bored.

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You’ve got this!


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