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Week 8 – How To Save Money On Your Weekly Food Shop

When you don’t keep a food inventory sheet, you are at risk of buying too much or not enough. Both of these result in food wastage – and money wastage. The simple process of checking your cupboards before you write your weekly shopping list or keeping an ‘In and Out’ inventory system (for my highly organised friends) could save you time and money.

Step 1

Print the FREE Food Inventory Checklist: https://lottiebudgets.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/stock-checklist.png

TOP TIP: Laminate the Food Inventory Checklist so you can reuse it

Step 2

Start your Food Stock Check with your fridge and freezer. Write down the items you have in your fridge and freezer, the quantity and todays date on the Food Inventory Checklist.

Step 3

Move onto your pantry and kitchen cupboards and repeat the process in Step 2.

TOP TIP: Use storage containers and shelf organisers to make it easier to locate and count food items.

Step 4

Look at your completed Food Inventory Checklist and plan what meals you can make from these items. This is called a Meal Plan. If you are missing items or you have run out of essential items, add them to your shopping list.

Step 5

Create a shopping list and stay within your weekly food budget!

Step 6 (Optional)

You can also do a Stock Check for your cleaning products and toiletries and add these items to your weekly shop.

Step 7

Organise Your Fridge correctly to help preserve food and minimise food wastage.


Happy shopping!


This post is a part of a #weeklywins series hosted by @Lottiebudgets and @CharlotteMusha (Follow us on Instagram) For more tips visit CharlotteMusha.co.uk.

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