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I think a good way to get to know someone is to ask them “If you were a quote on a t-shirt, what would it say?” You know, like the ones that say I’m not a morning person or Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt.” Mine would say “Do you want to look at my spreadsheet?” So if you would wear my t-shirt, then I am so grateful we have found each other.


My passion is talking about, how to change your relationship with money, and live the life you deserve. I hope to inspire and motivate young people by talking about my financial independence journey and how I bought my first home.


On the 19th March 2019 Lottiebudgets was born at 9lbs and 0 followers. Since the beginning I have shared my journey as a 25 year old women saving money to buy her first house. And now, in 2021, my love for talking about financial independence has spilled over from Instagram and onto a blog.

I have created several different money-saving challenges designed to inspire and motivate people to save as much as £500 in 13 weeks! I also create free monthly themed trackers (it’s a labour of love) as a fun way to track no-spend days – or anything you like, really.


I have a Youtube channel where I record ‘Budget With Me’ videos. When I first started on my savings journey I was obsessed with these types of videos. I hope one of my videos may inspire someone else to make a monthly budget and start living the life they deserve!