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Week 7 – How To Organise Your Fridge

Did you know you could be wasting money because your fridge is unorganised? It’s true!

Something as simple as placing food on the right shelves in your fridge could save you money. A well-organised fridge will help you minimise food wastage and decrease your weekly shopping bill. So what are you waiting for?! Let me help you organise your food.

How to stack a fridge correctly:

Upper Shelf

Leftovers, foods that don’t need cooking and deli meat

Middle Shelves – Dairy products

Milk, cheese, yoghurts and butter

Bottom Shelf – Raw food

Raw meat and fish

Drawers – Fruits and vegetables

Fruit, salads, herbs and vegetables

Door Shelves – Foods and drinks that have natural preservatives

Jams, condiments and juices


Save more, waste less,


This post is a part of a #weeklywins series hosted by @Lottiebudgets and @CharlotteMusha (Follow us on Instagram) For more tips visit CharlotteMusha.co.uk.

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